How Long Does Lip Plumper Last?

The lip plump and softness time period depends on the lip plumper devices you are using. Every device or tool has different ways of working, and they all have different ingredients in them. So when you are intrigued to get your lips fuller, then you should first research about them and see what suits your needs and what product is best according to your preferences.

If we are talking about the average of their time period of stay of these products and tools, we can say they stay for 1 hour to 4 hours. But if we talk about lip fillers, they can be permanent or semi-permanent. But do you want to let someone stick needles into your lips for enhancing them? Some people do, and they are getting lip fillers every six months if they go for hyaluronic acid fillers because this component is already present in our skin tissues. This acid can hold a lot of water, which helps it keep the skin hydrated and keeps the lips and even cheeks fuller if you get fillers in your cheeks.

When you get lip fillers done, you need recovery time; you can’t use any lip products after getting the lip fillers done. Not even your favorite lip balm and not that lipstick that you just bought for your plump lips. But when you use the tools in the market, they let you use your products right-away and with no problem or any infection that could happen because of the products.

How Long Does Lip Plumper Last?

Let’s go and have a look at the best lip plumper tools and how long they can keep the fullness of your lips:

Lip gloss plumper

Lip plump gloss can keep your lips plump for 15-20 minutes, but it can also last up to an hour for some girls. For keeping up the look, you can re-apply it and keep your lips looking beautiful.

These lip gloss plumper tools are really in the hype right now. This isn’t just because of Kylie, but every girl who saw how attractive they look every makeup influencer started making videos like them.

Now for getting the look, no one would want to spend a lot of money on lip fillers just for the perfect pout, which makeup artists can achieve without using any products. Makeup artists can make up so many illusions by using the products, and then the plump lips look just a mere 2-minute thing for them.

The trend of overlining the lips has been there for ages, but these influencers have just made girls look at them, and they all want to be a part of the trend.

Lip suction tool

When you use lip suction tools on your lips, it makes your lips plump for a longer time than the lip gloss. The best plumper tool if you want temporary full lips is suction lips. It keeps your lips plump up-to 4 hours. The suction tool is made of hard plastic, so you need to buy the tool that is the correct size as your lips.

Self-suction can help you control the time you use them on your lips, so you can use them for as much as time as it suits you because you don’t want your lips to be bruised with the hard plastic. That will only ruin the look you wanted to go for, not make up for you. So always keep in mind before buying it that you have got the right size for yourself.

How Long Does Lip Plumper Last?

The suction tool comes in two other types:

Silicon tools

The silicon tool that enhances your lips comes in such a cute red color and is a portable device. You only need to use it for 2 minutes, and it would give you the instant result that would last for 2 hours. These silicon tools don’t hurt your skin and give you the results in no time. A silicon tool uses air suction and gives you fullness in both your upper and lower lip. The silicon tool has a centric plastic thing that you keep on your lower lip that gives a real plump look, and it seems really natural when you have applied your makeup or just a cute shiny lip gloss.

Electric suction tool

The electric suction tool is also the best lip plumper tool for the girls that are not really into using the silicon one. The silicon suction tool can get a little complicated if you are not good going around specific steps or set of rules. The electric plumper is used with the help of electricity, just like the name suggests its use. You need to keep your lips in that hole and start the power button. You will feel the pressure of air on your lips that gives you a plump look. And you can set the power button like you want as it comes with options for your suitable needs.


When there can be lip glosses in the market that plump your lips. Who wouldn’t have craved for the lipsticks that would give you the same experience? The lipsticks are the best lip plumper tool for the girls who go out in a hurry and still want to look fab.

The lipsticks have the same formula and stay for the same time period. They tingle the same, and they also cause that little sensation of burns, which is so satisfying for some girls. It doesn’t take you much time to apply lipstick on your beautiful lips.

The lipsticks and lip gloss are good options, but when you start using them frequently, their effect on your lips starts fading. The fading happens because when something different from our body cells is introduced, after some time, the body starts to make the antibodies for that foreign substance, which causes the fullness not to appear at all. This can be a real bummer to the girls, but you have so many tools as a substitute and can switch at any time you like.

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