Can You Use Hair Mist As Perfume?

When it comes to looking for the best hair perfume, the task can be daunting if you have no idea where to start, especially if you have only been using hair oils and hair mists. Hair mists however may be your best option when it comes to keeping the hair looking good and smelling nice.

Replacing hair perfume with hair mist

There are several reasons why one should consider using the hair mist as perfume instead of looking for the expensive hair perfumes. The first reason is that the mist is less complicated and easy to use and it is made with less or no alcohol content, which means that it does not damage hair. Hair perfumes on the other hand come with alcohol content which may make the scalp and the hair dry and can also cause irritations. The irritations on scalp can cause itchiness, which if not treated can cause wounds and also damage the skin and make it sensitive to various hair products. It is therefore vital to stop use of the hair perfume the moment it starts to irritate.

Some of the hair mists manufacturers on the other hand, opt to use the hyaluronic acid which deeply hydrates the and therefore lasts longer in the hair, keeping the user smelling good all through the day. It is therefore no doubt that one should think of using the hair mist when it comes to looking for the best hair perfume. The hair mist is also more affordable when it comes to the costs, therefore will go a long way into saving a few cents which you might have used to buy the hair perfume.

Can You Use Hair Mist As Perfume?

How to use hair mist

It is important to know how to use the hair mist if it is to give good results, if not one can easily say that it cannot replace the hair perfume since it will not be effective enough. The first thing is to make sure that you shake the mist bottle well so that you can thoroughly mix and activate the scent molecules in the mist bottle. Once that is done, you should spray the hair well up to the roots, so that the mist can work effectively as last longer in the hair. The best way to do this is to spray in potions so as to make sure that they whole head is well covered.

Then from there massage gently all through the hair using the fingers so that the mist can spread evenly through the head. Once that is done you can style your hair as you would like it and you are good to go. Make sure to clean your hands when you done with styling so that you do not touch other unintended areas with the hair mist from your hands. So if you have been looking for the best hair perfume and you already have the hair mist, you need to look no further, just make sure you know the basic steps of how to use the hair mist and you will have solved your problems.

Making hair mist at home

Many people nowadays like to make their own home made products so that they can be sure that they are safe for them. When it comes to hair mists and perfumes, it is easy to make your own product at home as long as you have the necessary ingredients and requirements. The first thing you need to have is an empty spray bottle, you can either buy a new one or re use any spray bottles from other products especially from hair products.  You need to have water, aloe vera juice, either natural or already processed, coconut oil, jojoba oil and hair conditioner.

When picking hair conditioner make sure you go for leave in hair conditioners because these are made with products which can stay in your hair for a while before washing. Once you have put together all that you need, you now take the spray bottle and start by putting in water then add the different oils one by one. The measurements of the ingredients may vary but if you take 300ml of water then you can add 3 table spoons for each oil and about 5 to 8 drops of the leave in conditioner. Shake the mixture well and your hair mist is ready for use.

Can you use hair mist as perfume?

After learning how to use and the benefits of using hair mists as compared to the best hair perfumes in the market, the answer is yes. Infact replacing that bottle of hair perfume with a bottle of hair mist will not be such a bad idea after all. Because it will not only save you from having to deal with the after effects of the alcohol found in the hair perfume but you will also be saving yourself a few bucks. The hair perfumes are normally slightly expensive compared to the hair mists. Making of the perfume is quite a process which makes its production cost go higher and automatically shoots up the retail price. It is quite the opposite when it comes to making hair mist, the process is simple and to the point and takes less time and therefore makes the mist more affordable in the market.

When it comes to choosing the best hair perfume, your best bet is the mist which not only comes with the nice smelling fragrance but also comes with other benefits for the hair. Leaving you not only looking good but also feeling nice and smelling nice. The scented hair mists are good option for those looking for hair perfumes because they are easy to use and if well applied the fragrance can last for a longer period. The good thing is that hair mists can be used for two consecutive days without having to worry about damages to the hair. Go ahead and use the hair mist as your preferred hair perfume.

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