Basic Laptop Requirements for Image Editing

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There are many different factors to consider when looking for the right laptop for image editing, including processor speed, the amount of RAM, integrated vs. dedicated graphics card, and HD speed. All of these things will ultimately affect your ability to effectively edit images, so you will therefore need to take the time to review your laptop options until you can decide on one in particular that is perfect for your specific requirements.


The battery life of the laptop you buy will be just one of the things to consider when you make a final decision on one. You will find that each laptop will have a different battery life, so it is important to learn what it is for each one that you are thinking about buying.

If you edit images on the go quite a bit, you will obviously want to choose a laptop with a battery that is going to last a long time. Some laptops have batteries that will last for 4-5 hours of active use while others only last from 2-3.

Screen Size and Resolution

The size and resolution of your laptop’s screen will definitely be something else that you should consider before deciding on a certain one to buy. It is highly recommended that you look for a laptop with a screen that is at least 16” diagonally with a native resolution of around 1920×1200 pixels, though 1680 pixels is pretty much the minimum.

The Macbook Pro is an excellent photo editing laptop with an amazing screen resolution, though it is on the higher end and not at all the minimum requirement for this type of work. Some photographers prefer a glossy screen while others do not—it’s all jut a matter of personal preference. You can purchase anti-glare film for your laptop screen, though the jury is still out when it comes to how well they really work.

Graphics Card

The graphics card that you have in your computer is of course another factor that you will need to keep in mind when searching for the right laptop to do photo editing work on. It is important that you get a good laptop with a graphics card that can display up to 1080p, which is around 1920×1080 pixels.

You will find that most mid to high-level laptops will displays up to 1080p, so you shouldn’t need to spend that much time looking around before finding one. The graphics card that is in your laptop will be extremely important, which is why you will need to spend some time looking for one that can provide you with what you need when it comes to photo editing.


The processor or PCU that your laptop uses will be another important factor to consider before making a final decision of any kind. A few years ago, the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors were considered to be high-end, so you will need to keep that in mind when looking for a laptop that has enough computing power to meet your needs.

The number of GHz do not always indicate performance, and the number of cores as well as cache size play important roles in determining how fast and powerful a laptop’s CPU will be. Before you choose a certain laptop for photo editing, make sure to find out what the processor is like.